wow so many people are really liking my newest Cecil headcannon.

like your all leaving supportive tags and leaving really nice comments and its just so refreshing to see a pocecil getting so much support (especially seeing that i was a little nervous posting him as he has very few cliches that are seemingly necessary in a cecil headcannon)

seriously its restored my faith in the wtnv fandom dramatically :3.

OOC: Your headcannon Cecil looks amazing! All the love and applause goes to you, friend!

thankyou so much! its always nice to know that people like my Cecil, who’s a little different from what the fandom usually depict him :3

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for future reference it’s a really good idea to always post your art as a photoset accompanied by a blank 1px tall 500px wide image file, rather than a single image by itself.

because then if you ever need to tweak your art for any reason after posting, it’ll update in people’s reblogs too


I do this all the time! It works.